Aftersales: Service and Spare Parts

For all the service assistance and spare parts you need – wherever, whenever.

For all the service assistance and spare parts you need – wherever, whenever.


Rely on Petrogas for all the service assistance and spare parts you need – wherever, whenever. Aftersales has a crucial role in our quality drive. We provide fast and personal service, with competitive prices and worldwide supply and delivery.

Besides taking care of the usual replacement parts, we can facilitate the replacement or modification of complete system sections, like: filter separators, gas boilers and regulating valve skids. We ensure that your system will work efficiently during the entire life-cycle of the system. Every request is handled by a dedicated team that takes care of the entire process; from quotation to delivery at your doorstep. All our systems are tailor made, from design to installation. Our aftersales service is always on standby to provide local support when required and tailored to meet your specific needs. Our spare parts and service departments work from one location, ensuring optimum communication. We can also integrate maintenance programs and deliver the parts that will be needed for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly (and beyond) ‘maintenance moments’. That tells you what to check and top up, when to replace filter elements and O-rings, and when to service valves. We are developing smart tools and controls for preventive maintenance with customers having no formal system.


Gas turbine operators are very conscious of safety on site. Regular maintenance by our professional installation and commissioning service helps to ensure that your gas systems will operate safely at all times. Our specialized professionals can check that all safety measures remain in optimum condition during planned maintenance intervals.

And with regular maintenance, our equipment will continue to work at peak efficiency. The costs for a single o-ring are negligible, compared to the consequences of a gas leak. So, with spare parts and service in general, small investments bring large savings.


The extreme conditions that can surround gas turbines make wear and tear inevitable. Any downtime means you can’t deliver power to the grid, which can bring hefty fines. So, we help keep installations up and running.

That is perhaps our greatest value to our customers. We work in small teams to have full attention for each job as it progresses, delivering the highest quality installation and service to keep operations safe and smooth. Our service personnel feedback information to our design department to improve our processes and so close the ‘design loop’.

Younes Ouassou

Consultant Aftersales & Procurement

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All the parts you will need

Our systems meet country and continental standards throughout the world. Our expertise lets you concentrate on your business of pushing reliable and profitable power into the grid. Filter elements are made under our supervision in a factory in China. As Petrogas has their own engineers and a purchasing office located there, we can ensure the highest quality, fast response, competitive prices and make sure to cooperate only with reliable Chinese suppliers. We supply filter elements to separate solid and/or liquid particles from the gas flows (even clean LNG supplies need filters in case of unexpected impurities), valve parts (bushings, bearings, gaskets), transmitters, gauges, gaskets, flanges, fastening materials and other spares. We keep basic stock of the most commonly used spare parts but, since virtually every job we do is unique, a large inventory is just not possible. We compensate by reducing our lead times as much as possible.

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Support wherever, whenever

Although Petrogas supplies reliable equipment, we have noticed that with the right treatment, gas stations have a longer lifetime. Besides the lifetime optimization, the risk for unplanned shutdown will be minimized as well. Our goal is to have your equipment maintained and operated in the most effective way, against the lowest costs. Good maintenance keeps Returns on Investment to a maximum. Aside from making sure you get your parts on time and perfectly installed, we can assist with your planned maintenance too

From construction to startup

Once on your site we of course install and commission the equipment, but after that we observe our installation in use, and train personnel on how to work with it. Petrogas systems are skid-based, minimizing site erection time and errors. Our engineers travel all over the world to continue providing the care clients have grown accustomed to during the project phase:

  • Assistance with or complete transport arrangements and custom clearance
  • Technical assistance during site erection works
  • Cold & Hot commissioning
  • On-site training for operators and maintenance personnel.

Our Aftersales department can support you from system delivery to site acceptance certification and beyond. We make sure the system is installed within the requested time frame. Petrogas offers worldwide erection and commissioning. In areas with security risks we work with qualified local personnel.

Up to the latest standards

Our industry makes it neccessary to keep up with developing standards. Furthermore, the implementation of new techniques can result in savings and efficiency growth. As passion and trustworthiness are of key-importance to us, we keep on feeling responsible for the supplied equipment. Should these developing standards or new techniques result in the need for a system upgrade, we will be at your service, during the entire process; from design to the actual delivery.

Melanie Petersen

Coördinator Service & Aftersales

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