Green light for investors after successful large-scale production test

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Congratulations to the commissioning team of the Waad Al-Shamal ISCC Power plant

4 November 2020

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Petrogas and BlueAlp make circular oil from plastic

19 September 2020

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Power Plant Baghdad runs on Dutch patent

12 December 2019

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Dutch-Belgian consortium builds first profitable oil-from-plastic plant

16 May 2019

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Petrogas Gas Systems BV is proud to announce its involvement in a project with chemical giant Dow

12 March 2018

The project involves the removal of CO2 from exhaust gases from the Steel Industry and is part of a project that has been awarded with co-funding from INTERREG2SEAS.  

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Commissioning at Waad al Shamal

20 December 2017

The commissioning work for the gas treatment system at the 1,390 MW Waad al Shamal Combined Cycle Power Plant is nearing completion. Once the plant is up and running it will be able to generate sufficient electricity to power 500.000 Saudi homes. The gas conditioning system will provide a constant flow of clean gas to fuel the powerfull GE 7F.05 heavy duty gas turbines that form the core of the power plant.

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Petrogas Timelapse Video

26 October 2017

Petrogas would like to invite you to our workshop in Eindhoven. Have a look at how we manufacture and assemble all modules for a complete fuel gas conditioning system. The entire fuel gas system will be installed at a combined cycle power plant, where it will treat all the fuel gas to the exact specification required to reach optimal performance in the gas turbine.

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Petrogas awarded to built the Ecluse steam network

17 May 2017

The ECLUSE steam network will be built by the Dutch company AHP. This is a joint venture between the companies Petrogas and A.Hak.

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Respond to changes

13 February 2017

Building larger components for our customers requires to update our welding equipment. An impression about our capabilities are presented in the Dutch welding magazin “Lastechniek” Read More (dutch)

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Petrogas overdelivers on promise in Egypt megaproject

31 January 2017

This project was part of an agreement between Siemens and the Egyptian government to add 50% more energy to the power grid within a number of years.

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Quality through collaboration

4 January 2017

The brochure, presenting the people behind the projects and their work, was made partly with the support of our suppliers and partners. Together we create innovative solutions and guarantee excellent service.

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Petrogas delivers Sakhalin Sand Removal skid by airfreight

14 July 2016

On the Sakhalin site, a vessel that separates water, oil and gas also accumulated sand over time. The sand could only be removed by stopping the process and physically going inside the vessel.

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Petrogas. Energizing the future.

15 May 2016

With an impressive legacy in its field, Petrogas Gas-systems B.V has risen to the top the old fashioned way – through hard work and determination. Traditional notions of service standards and commitment continue to permeate this inspiring organisation, so Endeavour got in touch to find out more.

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Petrogas starts unique collaboration with 3mE Tu Delft for gasification of biomass

7 April 2016

The Process & Energy department in the Faculty of 3mE at TU Delft has started a collaboration with a globally operating company in the oil and gas industry: Petrogas Gas Systems B.V.

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