Petrogas Gas Systems BV is proud to announce its involvement in a project with chemical giant Dow


The project involves the removal of CO2 from exhaust gases from the Steel Industry and is part of a project that has been awarded with co-funding from INTERREG2SEAS.

Proof of concept

Using the know-how of Dow with specially formulated solvents, Petrogas will design and manufacture a prototype system that will enable the mass extraction of gases to be cleaned real time.

The process involves extracting carbon dioxide from the industrial gases, utilizing solvent extraction. In turn the CO2 can then be easily extracted from the solvent by a regeneration process in a closed loop system, ensuring the chemicals are ready for re-use. This is all performed in a seamless, continuous process to ensure a safe and efficient operation. The cleaned gas will be rich in CO and can be utilized in down-stream technologies to convert CO into valuable chemical products. In addition, the captured CO2 will become available for storage (CCS) or utilization (CCU).

Future developments

After the concept has been proven in the prototype system that will operate at the site of ArcelorMittal in Gent (Belgium), the  process will be scaled-up to allow its general use in all kinds of manufacturing industries. As such, the project will contribute to the energy transition that is needed to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions with >85% by 2050. In this context Dow is developing several cross-industrial concepts with the aim to develop a more circular economy for carbon-based products. Other partners in this industrial symbiosis project are ArcelorMittal, Lanzatech, ISPT, POMOV and the University of Lille.


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