Petrogas delivers Sakhalin Sand Removal skid by airfreight

14 July 2016

What did our customer request?

On the Sakhalin site, a vessel that separates water, oil and gas also accumulated sand over time. The sand could only be removed by stopping the process and physically going inside the vessel.

ENL wanted a system that could remove this sand without the need to stop the process. Sulzer Chemtech developed this and requested the help of us for the mechanical engineering, the fabrication of the installation and the procurement of the required components

What were the project challenges?

The very short lead time, which is a challenge to begin with, also caused the requirement to transport the installation by air freight. Normally that should not be a problem, but in this case it had to be transported to Sakhalin Island, on which limited size aircrafts can land, which greatly impacts the maximum dimensions per piece of cargo. Next to this, the available plot for the water circulation skid was quite small as well.

Other companies might have decided to just send the loose materials to site and build it on location. But Petrogas, excelling at skid solutions, designed two boxes that could be transported by air and easily be connected to each other on location, containing the majority of the piping and components that made up our scope of the system.

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