Petrogas overdelivers on promise in Egypt megaproject

31 January 2017

What did our customer request?

This project was part of an agreement between Siemens and the Egyptian government to add 50% more energy to the power grid within a number of years. We were asked to supply the Fuel Gas Conditioning Station for three of the prospective power plants (Beni Suef, Burullus and New Capital). After completion in May 2018, the three power stations will be the largest gas-fired, combined cycle power plants ever built and operated in the world. And they will supply enough electricity for 45 million people.


What set the project apart?

We usually build all the pressure vessels and pipes in our own workshop in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Because of the size of the project, though, we outsourced part of the production to some of our expert subcontractors.

Together, we helped Siemens to set a new worldwide benchmark for the execution of a fast-track power generation project. After completion of the first phase Siemens was already able to connect 10% more power to the grid than forecast, a surplus sufficient to supply electricity to an additional one million people in Egypt.

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