Accurate analysis for gas conditioning systems.

Accurate analysis for gas conditioning systems.

The analyzer section can report the composition of gas components and calculate or measure the heat value, dew point and other values. These values can all be needed for custody transfer payments of gas turbine burner control.

The sample probe guides a small stream of reduced -pressure gas to the analyzer, which cracks the gas into multiple components and vents waste gas to a safe location.

Options include:

  • Gas chromatograph
  • Wobbe-analyzer
  • (Total) sulphur analyzer
  • Dew point analyzer
  • Any combination of the above


Multi-stream sampling and automatic real time calibration ensure that your operators get all the key information they need immediately and reliably.

A conditioned calibration gas bottle allows on-line self-calibration of the analyzer at the specified gas composition.

Gas composition changes can be used to set maintenance intervals. Hot-swappable sample probes can be changed with the main pipe still pressurized to avoid loss of production.


Our analyzer systems can be designed for every possible gas composition, and you can choose the exact analysis technique and communication protocol that best suits your project.

The heating duty and other parameters can be precisely adjusted to the current gas composition for accurate control. We choose optimized location sample points for shortest possible sample time.


Conditioned cabinets ensure field installations operate smoothly and reliably, and protect equipment even in extreme environmental conditions. The sample gas is vented to a safe area.

You get high accuracy for highest quality and safety, with top suppliers like Elster instromet, Daniel, Siemens, and Hobré and Genie (A+ corporation).

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