Gas Filtration & Separation

Filtering keeps downstream equipment safe in gas conditioning systems.

Filtering keeps downstream equipment safe in gas conditioning systems.

The filter separator removes foreign materials like debris, dust and liquids to prevent them from damaging downstream systems. We monitor any rising differential pressure between inlet- and outlet of the vessel, which indicates that the filter elements should be replaced.

We have worked with gas supplies having high acid and salt content, always conditioning the gas to give a clean dry stream to turbines for maximum up-time. Filters are automatically or manually drained, and there are various mounting orientations for easy operation.

Options include:

  • ASME U-stamp / AD2000 / PED vessel certification
  • Baffle plate, Mono or Multi Cyclone primary separation stage
  • Liquid, Dust or Combined Liquid&Dust filter cartridges (Petrogas design & make) secondary filtration stage Click here
  • Bolted top cover or quick closure to pcover for easy access to cartridges
  • Self- or manually draining
  • Single-, double- or triple-redundant control
  • Parallel runs eliminate downtime, automatic run switching is possible
  • Optimum internal vessel and piping layout ensure lowest pressure loss
  • Horizontal or vertical vessel orientation depending on your preference and/or process conditions


We ensure that components which require regular maintenance are easy to reach for spare parts replacements. On our filters an optional quick closing top cover allows easy access to the filter elements and cartridges, and it can be manipulated by an optional overhead hoist.

The skid platform is designed in a configuration that makes it easy to operate and maintain the critical system components safely. The after sales department can provide spare parts and/or regular scheduled maintenance to ensure the filter section stays in top condition. That brings peace of mind to our customers, who can be sure of maximum uptime.

We can supply a wide range of natural gas filters and separators, each suiting specific applications and gas conditions. That gives the best separation method for your specific needs for optimum performance and up-time. Optional equipment includes baffle plates, cyclone coalescer filters and cyclone coalescer separators, demisters, dust filters and powder filters.


Our turnkey systems include all the local and control-room connected instruments and controls you need to run efficiently and safely. Real-time monitoring lets you use live operational data for preventive and predictive maintenance schedules.

The right separation method is chosen for your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and up-time.

To keep you alert, Petrogas’ control software produces automated signals when measurements reach critical levels, to indicate upcoming maintenance requirements. The differential pressure between filter inlet and outlet is monitored too, and our smart software signals the operator when a critical level indicates that the filter elements need to be replaced.


Our custom design ensures you get the exact high-performance system you need. We supply to your exact requirements, right down to the make of individual components.

Equipment is skid mounted for fast on-site erection and there’s a choice of high-tech filter types, all with the same skid layout.

We have also developed a system to separate out black powder from the gas flow using a combination of magnetism and filtration technology. Black Powder is formed when corrosion in a pipe reacts with elements of sour gas. It can cause major damage to downstream equipment like compressors and turbines. Due to its flour-like consistency it is difficult to remove from the gas flow, but our black powder filter does this efficiently.

We have both filter/separators and separators. A separate vessel is often used upstream of the filter/separator to eliminate large chunks of debris and liquid slugs.

A knock-out drum with optional demister can be installed where the natural gas is accompanied by considerable quantities of water, hydrocarbon condensates or other fuels. Condensates can be drained manually or automatically to a storage facility.

We meet all relevant design codes and standards.

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Gas Filtration & Separation


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