Gas Metering

Accurate metrology for gas conditioning systems.

Accurate metrology for gas conditioning systems.

Flow meters let you keep a close eye on the precise amount of gas being consumed. Volumetric or mass-flow meters monitor gas volumes for custody transfer (Sm3/Nm3, energy value in megajoules), gas turbine efficiency monitoring and/or quality control.

We can measure flows of 1 million Nm3/h and above with accuracies to within 0.1%. Automatic (hourly, daily, weekly) reporting can include pressure, temperature, and energy value per standard cubic meter for billing.

A flow computer can compensate measurements for temperatures and pressures, and a gas analyzer lets you calculate the correct energy intake. We offer various advanced measuring methods and layouts for easy operation and maintenance.

Options include:

  • Various types of meters; Turbine, Rotor, Ultrasonic, Orifice, Coriolis, etc
  • High pressure actual gas medium calibration
  • Single or redundant metrology and control
  • Parallel runs eliminate downtime
  • Calibrated at operating pressure before delivery
  • Approved to all relevant industry standards


You get all the local and control-room instruments and controls you need to keep your operations running efficiently and safely.

Real-time monitoring lets you use live operational data for preventive and predictive maintenance schedules. And you have accurate measurements for transfer proving.

Automated reports are integrated into our software that help to prove measurements and make operators’ lives easier. The metering systems measurements can be used to calculate the amount of gas used and the cost of gas for custody transfer.

Measurements have the accuracies needed for correct fiscal and other records. You can measure operating and ambient temperatures to help keep operations safe and reliable in extreme environments from Siberia to the Sahara.


Skid mounted equipment allows for fast on-site erection. A bypass run lets you change meters without shutting down the plant, and a Z-loop configuration allows you to perform in-line accuracy checks of your meters. Start-up pipe spools and strainers protect the sensitive meter internals.

All our systems are easily accessible for maintenance.

We have market-leading software that automatically analyzes and reports the measurements from the metering section.


We use high quality components from the industry’s top suppliers including Elster Instromet, Sick Maiak, Flow Meter Group, Emerson and Endress & Hauser. You can specify your exact system configuration, even down to the make and type of components.

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Gas Metering


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