Versatile heating for gas conditioning systems.

Versatile heating for gas conditioning systems.

The gas temperature drops significantly when pressure is reduced for gas turbine consumption. This Joule-Thomson-effect is countered by heating up the gas prior to pressure let-down, and prevents liquid dropout from the gas if one of the components passes below its dew point. strategically located sensors and switches monitor the design temperature, water level and pressure, safeguarding the entire system.

Any additional results of a risk assessment/hazard and operability study (Hazop) can be implemented in the control philosophy for each project section.

There’s a choice of heating methods:

  • Gas fired indirect Water Bath Heater
    – pressurized
    – atmospheric
    – nitrogen blanketed
    – with retractable fire bundle (as per API 12K)
    – water or oil for heat transfer medium
    – with an internal bypass valve that allows very responsive gas temperature control
  • Gas fired Boiler + shell&tube heat exchanger
  • Electrical heater
  • Package can be supplied in a custom built vented container, free standing under a shelter or located in an adjacent building.


Water bath heaters are the most popular systems, with the natural gas being fed through a high-pressure tube bundle in a gas heated hot water vessel.

The heaters have a robust, low-maintenance design with a by-pass valve for temperature regulation. The forced draft burner is hinged for easy access to internal parts, the fire bundle can be made retractable for easy inspection and maintenance, and there’s easy access to manhole and instruments.

Boilers & heat exchangers (B&HE) also have a hinged gas-fired burner for easy inspection and maintenance. The large container doors allow full access to boiler parts. Piping and cabling is routed overhead to allow sufficient walking space, and all components can be isolated from the main system for draining and maintenance.

Electrical heaters heat the natural gas directly by heating elements. An external thyristor controller, either in a cabinet in the field or in the control room can regulate temperatures. Strategically placed temperature sensing elements ensure safe operation.


The water-bath heater’s thermal design has been optimized using thermal imaging and state-of-the-art software.

It has an integrated burner management system, and is even suitable for  desert climates. A nitrogen blanketed water basin prevents internal corrosion. An internal gas bypass valve gives extremely accurate and fast temperature control. The heater has a dedicated single or redundant burner gas supply system, and gas piping is routed to allow easy access to retractable bundles.

The boiler and heat exchanger can have a single or multiple cascade boiler system with single or redundant hot water pump. Boiler and pumps can be containerized to shield them from ambient conditions, or installed in a building. Various methods can ensure proper heat distribution on switchover.

Electrical heaters can quickly vary the heat input for accurate temperature control. These types are often used for start-up heating. Various input voltages are possible for different power sources.


The high-capacity closed-loop heaters are efficient. Smart design implements proven technologies and helps you reduce the CAPEX and OPEX costs. Each heater undergoes extensive quality checks before they leave the factory, including a leak test.

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