Liquid Metering

Accurate, on line, fast

Accurate, on line, fast

Flow metering has to be accurate and available. Our systems can be fitted with medium calibrated flow meters of varying techniques, and proving using bi-directional ball provers or master meters. This way you need not worry about your custody transfer data of oil consumption.


Petrogas’ fuel oil metering systems work fully automated, periodic meter proving, systems diagnostics, switchover to redundant back-up streams, all can be made possible without any human interference.

The operators have a range of choices around the level of system autonomy.


Prior to metering, the oil stream will be perfectly conditioned to ensure reliable measurement data across the full operational system range.

This is done using smart techniques, keeping the system footprint to a minimum.


As is all our systems, quality and safety is at the heart of every design.

We don’t have to install a vast amount of monitoring systems, the unit is designed intrinsically safe and rugged.


Types of meters

Every medium, every process, every set of conditions has a different optimal type of meter. Petrogas can engineer your system around this optimum, and fully integrate it into the conditioning system. We work brand independant, giving us, and more important, you, total freedom in choosing the very best.

Meter prover - master meter

Meter prooving is done periodically to determine the accuracy of the installed flow meter(s). Various types and methods of meter proving are available; Petrogas can engineer a system around a master meter; a meter that is brought in fully calibrated, and installed in series with the operational meter(s); comparing measurements and correcting values where necessary.

Meter prover - Prover loop

This stationary or mobile addition to the system has the flow routed through a calibrated section of pipe with two switches at either end. A ball is pushed throught the pipe by the oil flow from one switch to the next. As the volume in the pipe between these switches is known, the time between switch activation will tell the flow rate. This can be compared to the installed flow meter to determine its performance.

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Liquid Metering


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