Loading & Unloading

Safe, clean, quick

Safe, clean, quick

The truck loading & unloading systems provide safe and clean connection of the main oil system to trucks. Following the highest industry safety standards, you can rest assured your operators will be safe thanks to implemented interlocking systems. Forwarding pumps can be fitted for trucks without on-board pumps, and anti-static provisions ensure safe transfer from or to the trucks.


Petrogas designs every system fit-for-purpose, allowing you to get the maximum out of your particular system.

The process design is based on the specific types of liquids you use, and all components are selected accordingly. On board sensors and diagnostics continuously monitor system health and performance, alerting operational staff of any anomalies and required actions.


The systems come with an array of safety measures and physical interlocks, ruling out any human error in operation.

E.g. the pumps will not start unless the anti-spark connection is made, and the hose will not disconnect unless the main isolation valve is closed. Petrogas’ systems help you maintain a perfect safety record every time, all the time.


Due to decades of experience in the field, our systems are designed to cope with the most hostile environments, and operate reliably under all circumstances. Our systems keep you safe, and productive.


Transfer pumps

If you receive trucks without onboard PTO driven pumps, the system can be fitted with transfer pumps. The pumps come with sophisticated control & monitoring system, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Human error is ruled out by inplementing hard- and software interlock safeguards.

Tariff metering

To keep detailed track of your consumption and system efficiency, our unloading systems can be fitted with integrated tariff metering. This accurate metering system, complete with temperature correction input and flow computer, allows you to measure, track and report your fuel use in real-time.


The system can be placed under a sun roof or a full shelter so shield the equipment from sun lights or other elements. Also, operator safety & comfort will benefit from a shielded working environment.

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