Pressure Reducing

Reducing pressure in gas conditioning systems.

Reducing pressure in gas conditioning systems.

This section reduces the gas pressure to a stable level suitable for gas turbines, with the actual pressure being determined by self acting regulator valves. Remote set-point adjustment can fine tune the output pressure for each individual run, or force run switching for even wear on parts.

Pressure reducing components vary depending on pressure levels, pressure differences, and allowable pressure drop across the system for low inlet pressures.

We work closely with regulator valve manufacturers to ensure the best solution for every situation:

  • fluctuations in inlet pressure are smoothened out to ensure a stable gas feed to the turbine
  • custom sizing software ensures ideal valve and pipe sizing
  • for highest safety, every reduction line has one or two safety devices depending on local regulations and industry standards


Local position indicators and pressure gauges make for easy valve tuning. There’s a clearly marked left and right version for unidirectional valves, preventing mix-ups during maintenance and servicing.


There are many combinations of regulating and safety devices, and they can be combined for versatile system design.

There’s smart and accurate pressure staggering for low pressure drops with multiple reducing streams in parallel. You can have self acting regulators or control valves as required. Reducing action can be fine tuned using various accessories.


Our systems meet national and international requirements, for example system safety is according to EN12186. Certified tubing-personnel route all impulse tubing. We perform low-flow setpoint testing in the workshop.

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Pressure Reducing


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