Transfer & Forwarding

Safe, stable and reliable transfer of fluids through the entire plant.

Safe, stable and reliable transfer of fluids through the entire plant.

Whereas gas flows through a system, oil has to be pumped around. Our systems are used to pump oils to and from storage tanks, to and through processing systems, and in and out of supply trucks or rail cars.

Petrogas uses various pump types of renowned manufacturers with excellent service histories and proven reliability. Petrogas’ engineers make sure the pump is integrated in the control systems, so the system can run fully automatic.


All our skids are designed to have optimal reachability of components for operation and maintanance.

Being one-off every time, the skid layout is optimized according to the available plot size, plot shape and orientation of interconnecting piping. We make sure all large vital components are reachable for hoisting and periodic inspections.


Sophisticated controls are not the only features that make our systems smarter.

We build smart right into the basic design. Components are selected to form the perfect match to oneother, placed in the optimal layout, maximizing efficiency, minimizing wear & tear.


Whether better for you means more compact, or higher efficiency, or better in line with existing equipment you already own, together with you we will find the best possible solution for your particular circumstances.


Pressure dampeners

Nitrogen filled accumulators can absorb any pressure fluctuations in the system when additional pumps start of stop. This allows a perfectly stable pressure and flow at the consumer end throughout the entire operational range of your pump system.


Pumps and auxilliary devices can be engineered in double or triple redundancy based on your personal preference or specifications. Manual or fully automated switchover in case of a malfunction can be done without flow interruption.

Pump types

Petrogas works completely brand independant, giving you total freedom in specifying the make & type of every component. Pump selection can be optimized for the application and aligned with existing equipment already owned to ease maintenance.

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Transfer & Forwarding


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