Glycol Dehydration & Regeneration

Glycol dehydration & regeneration systems use the absorption process to remove water from gas streams.

Glycol dehydration & regeneration systems use the absorption process to remove water from gas streams.


When you want a reliable processing system that’s designed for simple operation and easy maintenance, you have found it. During the complete life cycle of the Glycol Dehydration & Regeneration system, our passionate engineers will provide professional support when you need it.

During the systems development phase we work in close cooperation with our valued clients to fine-tune the systems design to your specifications.

Petrogas dehydration systems are produced entirely in-house, from the first design and engineering work al the way up to the tightening the final bolt prior to start-up, commisioning and after sales , the entire project is managed by our own skilled engineers, a true one stop shop.

The Petrogas project manager will be entrusted with the stewardship of the project. Throughout the project process, he will be your single point of contact from project kick-off up to the commissioning on site.

Lean management techniques and the efficiency of our long-term supply partners shorten your delivery times.

Our modular skid-mounted design shortens erection & commissioning time on site according to the turnkey concept.

Our after-sales services are managed in-house, and made available through a range of transparent maintenance contracts – including Petrogas supervision on contracted maintenance projects. Preventive maintenance contracts ensure the highest possible system availability and uptime, freeing you from any concerns about maintenance status. There’s a service hotline, and the specialist help minimizes risks. As a final touch we can offer remote support if you need it.


To stay at the forefront of technology we continually develop and innovate the Glycol Dehydration & Regeneration systems. Our passionate engineers integrate the latest practices in our designs.

We support our clients with advanced data acquisition and management to obtain detailed insight in the systems real-time performance. We analyze this data together with our clients to further optimize absorption cycles.

Our aim is to provide operators with the facts they need to fine-tune and optimize the system to the plant it’s operational situation. We constantly make our systems smarter by using the market’s most advanced measurement components and integrating them with our own control systems (compatible with ISA 95 standards). Our custom made software provides accurate real-time measurements and information straight to the control centre, so that your operation and maintenance personnel have the most up-to-date information available to base their decisions on, right at their fingertips.


Petrogas Glycol Dehydration & Regeneration are designed and built to suit local conditions and regulations.  The design is optimized to reach maximum efficiency for the situation and parameters at your specific site.

We built according to the highest standard. State of the art components and systems are customized to your exact needs. At the hand of the project specific design we will start with the component selection procedure. Each component is selected based upon extensive research. We look beyond obvious factors such as; fit for purpose, quality, lead time and cost, we look at: safety, energy efficiency, technological alternatives and the availability and exchangeability of spare sparts.

With our state of the art operating system you will be able to continuously monitor the performance in real time.

All factors are considered to ensure that we can guarantee your system is future proof and will be able to run on maximum efficiency during its operational lifetime.

Glycol Dehydration & Regeneration - Chemical Injection Skids

Glycol Dehydration & Regeneration - Chemical Injection Skids

Glycol Dehydration & Regeneration - Chemical Injection skids

Glycol Dehydration & Regeneration - Chemical Injection Skids

Glycol Absorber Column

Fresh Glycol Storage Tank

Glycol Air Cooler

Glycol Dehydration & Regeneration System

Glycol Flow Control

Glycol Absorber Column

Glycol Absorber & Regeneration

Glycol Storage Tanks

Glycol Regeneration System

Glycol Regeneration System

System sections

Inlet Separator
Glycol Absorber
Flash Vessel
Glycol Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
Glycol Heat Exchanger
Glycol Regeneration
Stripping Column
Surge Vessel
Booster Pumps
Lean Glycol Cooler
Control System

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