Fuel Oil Conditioning

Engineered to meet the highest fuel oil purification standards, our high quality fuel oil treatment systems will contribute to a longer service life of downstream machinery and reduce maintenance costs.

Engineered to meet the highest fuel oil purification standards, our high quality fuel oil treatment systems will contribute to a longer service life of downstream machinery and reduce maintenance costs.

The light, medium and heavy fuel oils used as fuel for engines and turbines need to be treated before use in order to remove solid as well as liquid contaminants. The solid contaminants in the fuel are mainly scaling and corrosion residue from the pipes, coarse debris, sand and refinery catalysts. The most comon liquid contaminent is water. Fuel Oil Treatment systems are necessary to remove these contaminents from the fuel stream in an efficient and economical way. Also, these systems prepare the oil for efficient combustion by regulating the pressure, flow and temperature.

Metering is another important aspect of the conditioning system, both to measure the energy production efficiency and accurate custody transfer data. Petrogas can supply all these components combined into one, effcient system, complete with self-authenticating equipment such as meter provers.All accessible through a common control system with intuitive interfaces.


Our fuel oil systems are designed for simple operation and easy maintenance. Pumps come pre-aligned on the pump skids, and all equipment is tubed and wired to junction boxes, shortening erection & commissioning time required on site.

The efficiency of our fuel oil treatment system at removing trace components reduce maintenance requirements for your downstream equipment and helps to reduce wear of individual components.

Our expertise allows us to look through operators’ eyes, and designing in ways that help them work safe and efficient.


With our extensive experience in the field, we advise EPC contractors and end-users on the optimal fuel oil treatment system configuration, providing clients with the best options in terms of CAPEX & operational reliability. Wherever you are in the world, all our electrical and mechanical systems are designed and built to suit local conditions and regulations. We offer full redundancy where needed.

That means our systems are built to the highest standards, covering all relevant national and international regulations for supply, quality, health, safety and the environment.

Lean manufacturing techniques minimize our waste and reduce lead times. State of the art components and systems are customized to your exact needs … and built to confirm to even the strictest standards.

Petrogas provides advise on solutions for extreme environments: we have delivered installations suitable for the most hostile environments, from Siberia to the Sahara. Our experience in extreme environments ensures long life and reliable operation for your system, crucial for reaching the operiational continuity that is especially important in extreme environments.


Prevention is better than repair. Our Fuel Oil Treatment systems use high quality components and proven technology to optimize operational time.

Efficient removal of trace elements in fuel oils improve turbine life expectancy and extend the time between maintenance intervals.

We build high quality fuel treatment systems so our clients can rest comfortably knowing that the most important part of the power plant, the turbine, is protected from contaminants when running on fuel oil.

The fuel oil conditioning system advanced monitoring instruments keeps track of the fuel oil treatment systems performance, all measurement statics are communicate in real-time to the central control room. Giving the maintenance and operation personnel complete insight on the current performance of the system.

To further ensure our clients peace of mind we offer long term maintenance contracts, where we service your fuel oil installation on agreed upon intervals to ensure that the fuel oil treatment system remains in optimum condition.

Petrogas fuel oil treatment systems will meet the fuel oil specifications consistently and without interruption.

Fuel Oil Forwarding Skids

Fuel Oil Forwarding Skids

Fuel Oil - Day Tank Filling skid

Fuel Oil Metering Systems - Prover Loop

Bulk Transfer Skid

Fuel Oil Loading & Unloading System

Fuel Oil Loading & Unloading Stations

Fuel Oil Filter

Fuel Oil Accumulator, Metering, Coalscer Filter Skid

Dual Fuel Combined Cycle Power Plant

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Loading & Unloading
Transfer & Forwarding
Liquid Metering
Liquid Filtration & Separation
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