Fuel Gas Conditioning

Fuel gas treatment systems must work safely and efficiently at all times, so we build quality and reliability into our skid-mounted gas conditioning stations right from the start.

Fuel gas treatment systems must work safely and efficiently at all times, so we build quality and reliability into our skid-mounted gas conditioning stations right from the start.


If you want a fuel gas conditioning system that’s designed for simple operation and easy maintenance, look no further.

Throughout the project process, you’ll have a single point of contact at Petrogas.

Petrogas fuel gas conditioning stations are produced entirely in-house, with all the gas system sections and engineering work managed by our own skilled engineers. Our engineers keep your maintenance and operation personnel in mind during the design of the system, they ensure that components are easy to reach and maintain.

Our modular skid-mounted design shortens commissioning & erection time required on site. We can design and manufacture even the largest gas treatment installations, with capacities of 1 million Nm3/h and above, in modular units.

We offer transparent maintenance contracts to ensure that your system remains in optimum condition. Our in-house service experts are available to provide support during all stages of the systems life-cycle. Our own skilled and passionate engineers can even train your operators on site if required.

Petrogas is a true one-stop-shop for your fuel gas system projects.


We use state-of-the-art software to define the optimal design for every module in your fuel gas conditioning system. We integrate these modules to form a fully-engineered, tailor-made system that meets all your specifications.

And with decades of experience gained on more than 1800 fuel gas system projects worldwide, we know a thing or two about meeting unique and challenging requirements. Like achieving the optimal system layout for minimal pressure loss – to give you a truly cost-effective solution. Or deploying smart tools for implementing forward-looking preventive and ISA-95 compatible predictive maintenance schedules.

Listening to your requests, we’ve developed gas actuated instruments, which can eliminate the expensive auxiliary systems that are sometimes needed. We constantly make our systems smarter by using the market’s most advanced measurement components and integrating them with our own control systems (again compatible with ISA 95) and custom made software. That gives the most accurate measurements possible to ensure your operation and maintenance personnel have the right information to base their decisions on.

Lean management techniques and long-term supply partners shorten our delivery times of fuel gas systems, components and spare parts.


Wherever you are in the world, all the electrical and mechanical components of our fuel gas conditioning systems are designed and built to suit local conditions, regulations and standards. We offer full redundancy of critical components, to ensure minimum downtime and continuous operation.

Using state of the art engineering software, we fine-tune your gas conditioning system design and layout to reach maximum efficiency, reliability, and performance.

We build all fuel gas treatment systems to the highest standards. We ensure that all relevant national and international regulations for supply quality, health, safety and the environment are followed to the letter.

Lean manufacturing techniques minimize waste and reduce lead times. State of the art components and systems are customized to your exact needs … and built to confirm to even the strictest standards.

Petrogas can advise on gas treatment solutions for extreme environments: we have delivered fuel gas installations suitable for the most hostile environments, from Siberia to the Sahara. We design your gas conditioning system to ensure a long life and reliable operation in the harshest environments.

Crucially, in areas with security risks, we always work with qualified local personnel.

Fuel Gas System - Assembly Time-lapse

Fuel Gas Filter - from Design to Finish

System sections

Gas Inlet
Private: Knock-out
Gas Filtration & Separation
Private: Condensate Storage
Gas Metering
Pressure Boosting
Pressure Reducing
Venting & Flaring
Final Run
Control System

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